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At, we try to make the best effort to screen therapists for faithful adherence to church teaching, by carefully reviewing their applications and references. You can also check out each member's application by clicking on their names and viewing their profiles. As much as we try, however, we cannot guarantee that you will be satisfied with each therapist, as there are many factors that influence a client's compatibility with each therapist. It is solely your responsibility to find out whether a therapist possesses the qualities that are most important to you. We suggest that you take the time to ask the therapist any questions that you might have, and make sure you are comfortable.

Furthermore, each therapist is independent and sets his or her own fee. Some accept insurance reimbursements and some do not. It is the client's responsibility to discuss payment and insurance with a prospective therapist before setting up an appointment., Inc. is not responsible for any dissatisfaction or problems that may arise in your private therapeutic relationships.

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