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I found a great therapist on Catholictherapists.com that helped me in a way that a secular therapist never could. The website is an indispensable and important resource that’s easy to use. ~ Carol I., Iowa

I have recommended Catholic Therapists to two dear friends with good results. So grateful to have found you.
~ Pat D., Indiana

The most competent and compassionate providers are Catholic therapists. ~ Tiffany R., Massachusetts

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A recent college graduate desires to start a family, but experiences rejection after rejection in relationships.  She sees her friends getting married and having children, while...

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If you have been in a relationship for a while, chances are good that you have developed some not-so-helpful ways of communicating.  Many times, after you've done something to...

An Engaging Resource to Renew Catholic Marriages

What if you could exercise loving curiosity to strengthen your marriage? Catholic psychotherapist, Dana Nygaard, has written an engaging book that is a marriage must-have as it...

Misfire of Communication - Lessons Learned from a Cat

What is one thing that people have struggled with for centuries?  What causes the most conflict in people's relationships today?  I propose it is a misfire of communication....

Healing the Hearts of Fathers

Abortion is primarily viewed as a women’s issue with very few considering the effects of abortion on men.  Given the current abortion statistics (over 60 million since 1973)...

Faith: Wrapping Our Heads Around It

Faith.  It may be one of the most confusing concepts to wrap our heads around and to make proper use of in our lives.  Everywhere in the Bible we see stories of faith.  Jesus...

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