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Lawrence Nichta, Jr., PhD

I rather you call me for information about my services or to set an appointment.
Lyndhurst Ohio 44124


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Lawrence Nichta, Jr., PhD
I rather you call me for information about my services or to set an appointment.
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5035 Mayfield Road - Suite #212
Hilltop Building
Lyndhurst, Ohio, 44124
United States

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In my work as a psychologist and workshop facilitator, I have been able to use my Christian values in a variety of settings to help individuals and families to “have life and have it to the full.” (John 10:10)

Please read my 'BIO' on this Profile for more details of the influential experiences in my life that have prepared me for my work as a Catholic therapist.

Contact me if you have any questions about my counseling and psychological testing services, and whether I might be of any assistance to you.  I look forward to your call.

Practice Info

Perhaps the most influential experience of my life has been the over 10 years I spent in the seminary studying for the Catholic priesthood, including over 2 years of graduate theology. This was most significant because of the frame of reference and direction in life it provided for me. In large part my ideals in seeking the priesthood centered around helping people realize, be thankful for, and develop the good that is within them - and to share that good with others.

In 1973 I decided the priesthood was not the way in which I wanted to live my life and I withdrew from seminary study. My ideals, however, remained the same, with an interest in people-oriented experiences, particularly in the areas of education and counseling. Overall, my seminary education helped me develop what I believe is a perceptive and insightful understanding of life and human nature.

Working closely with the poor and disenfranchised in America, both in Cleveland’s inner-city and in the Appalachian region of Eastern Kentucky, was also very significant in my development. In both settings I was exposed to the poorest of social conditions in our country, and had the opportunity to learn what it is like to be poor in America. These experiences left me with an expanded view of the range of economic, social, and cultural experiences that exist within our country, and with a deeper appreciation of the fact that despite different environments and experiences, the wants and needs of individuals are very much the same.

Extensive travel in both America and Europe has contributed a great deal in expanding my sense of the world and appreciation of life. My travels have helped me realize not only the many cultural, political, social, and psychological differences among people, but the basic similarities as well. I hope to remain an avid traveler the rest of my life as I believe it is one of life’s greatest teachers.

Being married for over 30 years and parenting four daughters has taught me more than I could have imagined!

My doctoral dissertation, “Stories of Family, Stories of Faith,” is the culmination of my interest in psychological development as it interfaces with religious experience. I interviewed eight individuals who were raised Catholic, gave up the church, but later returned as a result of a personal religious experience, and examined the quality of their relationship with their parents throughout the process.

In my work as a psychologist, college instructor, and workshop facilitator I have been able to use my Christian values in a variety of settings, and hope to always do so, helping individuals “have life and have it to the full.” (John 10:10)

Credentials, Training, Qualifications:
Ph.D. - Clinical Psychology
M.A. - Clinical/Community Psychology
B.A. - Philosophy
What licenses do you currently hold?:
Psychology license from Ohio Board of Psychology
Are you in private practice?:
Are you available to provide supervision services?:
If you do provide supervision, what are your qualifications, as required by your country, state or discipline?:
Psychology license and experience supervising mental health professionals
Do you participate in any insurance plans?:
If yes, please list:
Medicare, Medicaid, and almost all major insurance companies.
Telephone/Video counseling:
In certain circumstances
Please list all languages that you speak:
I treat the following:
Individuals Married Couples Children Adolescents Families Addictions Adult Children of Alcoholics Depressive Disorders Anxiety Disorders ADD/ADHD
Other Specialties:
My extensive theological training helps me assist individiuals who desire to resolve problems resulting from significantly negative religious experiences. Integrating religious experience and healthy psychological development is a major area of interest.

For my doctoral dissertation,"Stories of Family, Stories of Faith," I interviewd 8 individuals raised Catholic who gave up involvement with the church, only to later return as a result of a personal conversion experience. I pursued the nature of their relationship with their parents throughout that process.

In addition, I specialize in assessing and treating adults and children with ADHD and learning disabilities. For 33 years I worked as a school psychologist, so doing assessments of any cognitive or academic related difficulty is first nature to me: IQ testing, behavioral problems, dealing with schools and special education services, etc. Overall personality assessment is also a specialty area.
I use the following methods:
Psychoanalysis Prayer Behavior Techniques Cognitive Techniques Career/Vocational Counseling Brief Solution Focused Therapy
Please describe other treatment methods
I approach each situation by first gathering family/developmental information, and assessing whether there might be any cognitive or processing impairments present that contribute to the presenting problems. I make use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator as it provides a health based look at one's natural temperament and psycholical type. In counseling couples this is particularly helpful!!

Other psychological measures are used as needed, though it is not that frequently. From that point it is much easier to focus on the dynamics of relationships and the management of impulses and emotions. I believe that each individiual has blind spots, weak spots, or vunerable areas that lead to the problems identified. (Yes! Original sin has it's claws in each of our lives. Thus Paul could write, "I do not do what I want to do but what I hate." Rom 8:15) Building upon one's natural gifts and strengths, and recognizing one's weak spots while trying to minimize dependence upon them, constitute the bulk of the therapy process.

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