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Allison RicciardiHello and thanks for visiting CatholicTherapists.com. We're so glad you're here. We hope and pray (and we really do pray) that we can be helpful to you.

Our Beginnings Are Rooted in Serving You

I'd like to take a moment to share with you how this site came about and its mission. After being a guest on Mother Angelica and then with some colleagues on  The Abundant Life Show (EWTN) discussing psychological issues from a Catholic perspective, my colleagues and I received calls from all around the country asking if we knew of any Catholic therapists in their areas. It was very distressing to have to say "no" to so many and to not be able to offer too much advice on how to find one.

We also received letters from therapists expressing a sense of vindication to see others who shared their convictions and were also integrating the truths of the Catholic faith into their practice. Clearly, there are more Catholic therapists and counselors out there. We just need to know where so we can connect these professionals with those who are looking for them.

I believe that the Holy Spirit is very active in these times in calling God's children out of the darkness and despair and into the light. Counseling is one of the vehicles He is using. The harvest is indeed rich. The time is now to call more workers to the vineyard.

Therapy and counseling can be a vehicle toward living the abundant life that Jesus came to give us or it can lead to further estrangement from God and greater isolation - depending on the philosophy and methods of the therapist. More and more people seeking therapy, coaching, or self-help books are looking for some integration of the spiritual; however, dangers abound here.

New Age concepts often masquerade as Christianity. Finding the right therapist, and worse yet, the right self-help books can be a perilous endeavor. The goals of CatholicTherapists.com are to help those seeking therapy and coaching, or even those just seeking to learn more about the emotional life, to find professionals  who are Catholic and faithful to the magisterium of the Church as well as to find psychological information that is consistent with Catholic Church teaching.

What You Can Expect From CatholicTherapists.com

First and foremost, CatholicTherapists.com offers a referral base of qualified Catholic therapists. We've chosen a profile format so you can read the therapists’ own words and get a better feel for what they believe and how they integrate those beliefs into their work.

Second, our blog addresses relative to therapy, the emotional and spiritual life, relationships, as well as marriage and family issues. Join our mailing list to receive our newsletter to get event news, meet our newest members, and read new blog posts.

Third, our store offers hand-picked books and other materials that can be helpful in your healing  and  spiritual journey.  If you have any suggestions to recommend to the store please let us know. This site exists for you. We love to hear from you. Please tell your friends!

We desire to be of service to you and look forward to this honor. Know that we pray for you on your healing journey. Please pray for us too: that we follow God's lead and that He uses this site for His greater glory; for the healing of hearts and the salvation of souls.

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary immensely bless you and lead you to the fullness of joy that Jesus came to give.

Ave Maria!
Allison Ricciardi
Founder and Proprietor

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