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Believing In A Loving Universe
Written by Allison Ricciardi, L.M.H.C.   


allison nametitleWe hear this a lot these days. From Hollywood stars to Oprah to perhaps even your Catholic friends. Having a positive attitude and believing that there are forces on your side that will help you succeed and have a happy life certainly seems like a good thing. Isn’t it just positive thinking? Well, let’s take a closer look.

From a strictly logical perspective, the “universe” is composed of inanimate planets, gases and matter which, in and of themselves, cannot love in any real sense. It’s scientifically and psychologically untenable. If you were to present yourself to any psychiatrist worth his salt saying that Saturn and Mercury were sending you messages of love and causing your stocks to go up, you’d most certainly be leaving that office with a prescription. And well you should!

 Yet, when we hear people thanking the Universe as they accept their Oscars we barely bat an eye. I think we need to be mindful of this and ask questions of those who say this. What are they really saying? I think concealed beneath this phrase is an intense desire to feel like something bigger than ourselves cares about us. The atheists and new agers have done such a good job at pushing God out of the picture, that now we’re left with this nonsense. As harmless as it seems, this phrase is a gateway to a different worldview and way of thinking and an open door to trouble.


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The Eucharist as Radiation Therapy
Written by Sean E. Stevens, Ph.D   


dr-sean-stevensEucharistic adoration and radiation therapy aren’t terms most of us naturally link together. However, as a Catholic and a psychologist, I’ve found that they have much in common. I had given a talk where I live in Nebraska about this connection at a local Catholic event, “Ablaze”.

“Ablaze” marvelously combines Eucharistic adoration and worship music in a way that particularly speaks to young Catholics. It is modeled on the Saturday night Eucharistic adoration at the heart of the Steubenville weekend youth conferences. As a deacon friend told me, just go to a Steubenville Youth Conference if your hope in Catholic youth and the future of the Church is wavering. You will see 3000 high schoolers on their knees for hours before the monstrance, worshipping their Eucharistic Lord: weeping, singing, praising God with hands lifted; reaching out to touch the hem of the priest’s vestment as he goes through the crowd, row by row, blessing. You will see one of the keys to the new evangelization, just as St. John Paul II’s 'World Youth Day' effected so many and helped raise a new crop of passionate, solid, fearless seminarians and priest. You will see that our youth don’t want to be entertained, fed spiritual junk food, or do endless “icebreakers”: they want to encounter the living GOD.

Besides being a powerful source of Church renewal – St. John Paul II pointed out that the parishes most on fire are routinely those that emphasize it – Eucharistic adoration is also a wellspring of deep emotional healing, transformation, and holiness.


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Beat The Holiday Blues
Written by Carol Ann Worthing, PhD, LLC   



Thanksgiving is fast approaching and then follows Christmas and the New Year. Typically the holidays evoke visions of happiness and joy with family, friends and holiday gatherings.

However, the holiday seasons are not always that way for people: without friends or family nearby; who has suffered a loss; going through a financial or health dilemma; having marital or other family problems. For many reasons such as these it can be a time of overwhelming sadness, loneliness and stress - triggering depression. More than 35 million Americans are affected by depression in their lifetime, and it becomes even more prevalent during the holidays.


 To keep yourself ‘mentally healthy’ during holiday seasons, keep in mind these…

Tips to Beat the Holiday Blues:


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The Key To Personal Happiness
Written by Janice B Carbon, LCSW   



I am going to give you the key to personal happiness.  It is all about developing an attitude of gratitude.

We live in a culture that is very self-absorbed.  Self-absorption leads to depression.  So is it any wonder that we have an epidemic of depression in our society?
Our culture is also very materialistic and perfectionistic.  We are constantly being assaulted by the media with messages that we are not good enough.  We are told that unless we buy certain products, or look and act in certain ways, we will not make it in life.  We are conditioned to see our glass perpetually empty, and never full.
We allow ourselves to get swept up in this tide of negativity without ever questioning what is really going on.  All the peace and joy gets sucked right out of our lives.  Like hamsters on our wheels, we ride an endless merry-go-round, looking for the magic missing piece that will make us happy.  Folks, it’s all a lie!  There is no missing piece!  This is nothing but spiritual warfare.  It is one giant deception.  And, unfortunately, many of us are falling for it!


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ct angel"Remain in me as I remain in you. Just as a branch cannot bear fruit on it own unless it remains on the vine, so neither can you unless you remain in me. I am the vine, you are the branches.  Whoever remains in me and I in him, will bear much fruit, because without me you can do nothing."  - John 15:4-5