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Living Like We Get the Joke
Written by Allison Ricciardi, L.M.H.C.   


allison nametitleDo you remember the classic “No Soap, Radio” joke? It was very popular in my elementary school. It was basically a con job - a joke that made no sense and wasn’t funny. A group of kids would be in on it. One would tell the joke and the others would go hysterical with laughter. You would select one poor, unsuspecting kid who wasn’t in on the joke and try to convince him or her that it was sooo funny and didn’t they get it? Looking back, I guess I could say that it was an early foray into the world of psychological testing. Those with stronger character would admit it wasn’t funny, but most would eventually go along, not wanting to look stupid. It wasn’t meant to be mean…just fun, especially because most who were in on it had been duped before and were just paying it forward.

It’s actually very similar to 'The Emperor’s New Clothes' - a favorite story of mine. The King is duped by two con men into paying for very expensive and “special” clothing that only the smartest people can see. Going along with it, he parades through the Kingdom in his birthday suit. A child shouts out “He’s naked!” and finally everyone has to admit it.

Wanting to look smart, we often look foolish.


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“I Want to Forgive But I Still Have Pain.”
Written by Natalie Lane Eden, MBA, MA, LPC   



This phrase frequently comes up during the course of counseling.

Many have injuries from past and even current relationships that continue to cause pain thus hindering advancement to fuller productive lives. The desire to move on is present but former feelings of being hurt, mistreated, ignored, and/or neglected keep cropping up causing re-injury. The desire to eliminate these sensations and memories is strong but for some reason there is an inability to move on. Efforts to “stuff it down” and “forget about it” just don’t seem to work. Exasperated, they conclude that they are unforgiving simply based on the remaining sensation of pain and recurring memories. The feelings can snowball by adding layer upon layer of frustration, guilt, and anger.



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Psychological Testing Of Children That May Surprise You
Written by Patti M. Zordich, Ph.D.   

dr patti zordich


If your child has chronically exhibited behavioral issues, distractibility, inattentiveness and disorganization the problem could be due to a learning disability, a processing problem, or it could be - giftedness!

People often assume gifted children are all academically motivated, high achievers, and love learning. When I suggest to a teacher or parent that a particular child is gifted, it’s not uncommon to hear teachers and parents respond with surprise, saying something like, “He can’t be gifted. He’s disruptive in class, gets mediocre grades, and is inconsistent in turning in homework.”!


Many people don’t realize that giftedness usually includes the emotional and behavioral challenging characteristics as well.  These characteristics can intensify as the child approaches middle and high school.


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What Couples Want and How Couple Counseling Can Help
Written by Maria C. Ramos, MS MFT   


couple silhouetteThe number of couples seeking counseling has undoubtedly increased in recent years, and while some might view this fact in a negative light it actually shows an increase in couples dedicated to resolving what has somehow "gone wrong" in their relationships. While it was once more common to see women inititating the desire to seek counseling, in more recent years, men are increasingly seeking assistance in working out their relationship issues.

It has been my experience that men and women seek many similar qualities within their relationships. Both want respect, acceptance, understanding, open communication, reciprocated love, and quality time with their partner, physical intimacy, and equal partnership.  Couples many times experience dissatifaction in their relationship when sensing a deficiency in any of these important areas.  While many believe that lack of intimacy may be the main cause of couples that seek counseling, in actuality, it is more often the lack of feeling understood or loved, which can result in physical issues within the relationship.


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Catholic Psychotherapy Association - Annual Conference 2014


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ct angel"When Jesus saw the vast crowd His heart was moved with pity, for they were like sheep without a shepherd; and He began to teach them many things."
Mark 6:34