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“Just Love Her”


allison nametitleI remember a couple I saw many years ago.  They were married one year and I was their fourth marriage counselor.  After the first session it didn’t look good- they were quite a challenge.  But, never one to flee a challenge I decided I’d give it time and see what we could do.  

They were tough!  Many sessions were ping pong matches, with words, insults and complaints hurled back and forth with me barely able to get a word in edgewise.  To make matters worse, they were a late night session and my last session of the week.  Trust me; these two would have had Sigmund Freud hitting the bottle!  (No, I didn’t hit the bottle, but there were many nights I stopped for a cannoli or two on my way home.)

They both had some issues but the big problem became obvious.  This wife was wounded deeply.  A change of life baby, born into a difficult marriage to an angry mother who admitted to trying everything she could to miscarry her.  Reasoning with this wife wasn’t easy.  I prayed for them.  I pray for all of my clients.  Knowing I had to do something I resolved that I just had to confront her (gently of course), and let her know that she was the root of the problem in this marriage and she would have to work on making changes and healing her hurts.  I didn’t know what else to do.  I couldn’t in good conscience just keep watching ping pong and taking their money.


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Emotions Are Emotions, Not Facts
Written by David F Prosen, LMHC   

David Prosen


Emotions are gifts from God that are meant to help us. Unfortunately, we sometimes make the wrong choices when feeling emotions and we can harm ourselves or others. Let’s take a look at one of the most common ways we get tripped up by our emotions.

Suppose that you pass a good friend in the drugstore and he or she storms past you and “ignores” you. What would you think? What emotions might you feel? Allow me to go further with this scenario. The next day you call and leave a message. It’s now been a week and your friend has not returned your call. What would you think now?

Would you wonder if your friend was angry with you?  Or, would you think something else?

Would you experience emotions such as anger, fear, and /or sadness? You leave one more message on his or her voicemail and another week goes by and you still haven’t heard from your friend. Now, what would you think?


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Back to School : Making it a Successful Family Transition
Written by Jennifer Ann Madere, MA, LPC-S   

Jennifer Ann Madere, MA, LPC-S


Adults, college students, and children everywhere are in back-to-school mode! It’s an exciting and stressful time for many.

Exciting - because it means a fresh start, new teachers and friends, new books, new clothes and embarking on a new step in life.

Stressful - because it involves many changes in routine, decisions, and potential for success or failure.

Whether you’re a parent, a college student, or trying to help a loved one through this normal but still challenging transition, follow these tips to have your best year yet and avoid burnout!


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September Is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

suicide prevention

 Learn more about awareness:

Protecting Life by Recognizing and Responding to Signs for Suicide


Catholic Psychotherapy Association - Annual Conference 2014


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ct angel"For I know well the plans I have in mind for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare not for woe, plans to give you a future full of hope." - Jeremiah 29:11